If you call your mother whenever you have marital problems, you have a very big problem- Counsellor tell Wives


Wives have been advised to abandon the practice of calling their mothers at any opportunity to complain about events in their marriage, as this is a sign of a serious issue.

They have also been encouraged to try as much as possible to sort out misunderstandings with their husbands rather than hiring their mothers as external advisors to their marriage.

“Some of us young women encourage our mothers to intrude in our marriages by arguing that my husband has done this or that without caring about your husband. Anything you go and tell your mother, everything you call your mother…please mature.

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If you are a married woman and you still call your mother for the smallest of reasons, you have a dilemma that needs to be solved”, controversial Marriage Counsellor Reverend Dr Mrs. Charlotte Oduro observed in a broadcast monitored by iDO GH News.

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According to her, marriage is a mixture of joy and sadness and it behooves on couple to sit down and settle down disagreement.

“Marriage is not something that any of you consider. Marriage entails a plethora of responsibilities… Sometimes it’s boring, sometimes you’re happy, sometimes things don’t work, sometimes you sit and try to make it work, and it’s work that has to be done every day.  We need to work towards it because you don’t expect your marriage to be beautiful every day. The fight will come, troubles will come but don’t ever use this word I want to divorce because is not the answer to anything”, she advised

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