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Why Sarkodie married Tracy and why Shatta Wale is waiting

Sarkodie and Tracy are certainly not gold diggers looking at the fact that they have stayed together through the funeral performance days through BET and Apollo Theater.

This is not to say Sarkodie hates money. The always wants to get richer in order to afford the affluent lifestyle. Though it’s great to see our favourite celebs settling down at last, sometimes there may be ulterior motives at work behind their desire to tie the knot: more fame, more money, more visibility. Even when people like NAM1, Bill Gates and Dangote who are extremely wealthy in their own right, they still hunger for more.

These stars certainly may have made commitments for love, but others say their devotion to cash is what truly attracted them to matrimony. That may or may not be true, but let’s be real — Sarkodie’s wedding was another major source of revenue that he was looking forward to as a celebrity.

Sarkodie is the luckiest musician we have in Ghana now looking at his speed of rising to fame. He saw success within a year of making entry into the music scene and won almost all awards locally and internationally. The Sarkodie brand kept on growing to what we see today.

So what prevented Sarkodie from marrying Tracy in the past years? So what motivated him to hold on with marriage to have a baby out of wedlock; something society frowns at?

Ghanaians will now understand why Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy are not tying the knot anytime soon.

Through the years of his career, Sarkodie has made great associations; the corporate world and all the big guys in the society. Sarkodie waited to hit the status where the world would crave for his wedding photos. What an appropriate time to marry!

It is no hidden truth that Sarkodie beside being the most talented artist of this generation, is also one of the smartest and shrewd businessmen in the entertainment industry. He and his team do not rush through things but look at the possibilities of making money from every situation and then pursue it. The revenue from the Sark-Tracy wedding is something that has definitely been worked towards for close to a decade.

Over the cause of his career, he has secured deals with Tigo, Samsung and a host of companies which have all brought him a substantial amount of money.

The latest smart move by the Hiplife artiste as is already known by the public is how he took advantage of his engagement to Tracy to make more money for himself by selling the right to the official pictures to a foreign magazine company.

As reported earlier, the magazine company intends to use the photos as the cover in their August Edition, something which is most likely to increase sales and popularity of the magazine in Ghana. There is definitely going to be a mad rush of the magazine in Ghana and we foresee bloggers publishing scanned copies of photos from the magazine.

His deal with the magazine which is to give them the exclusive right to the wedding photos is reportedly worth a hundred thousands of dollars.

Even though many have criticized him for his decision to sell the photos, Sarkodie remains unperturbed having cashed in on an opportunity to increase the weight of his bank account.

In the end, we just have to admire the business sense of Sarkodie for neglecting all the pressures that came on him to marry Tracy and waited to this day where he can be classified as a global celebrity.

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