Hot Video: Wendy Shay Caught In Bed With Bullet

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For the past three days, rumors online indicated that Rufftown records CEO, Bullet and his signee, Wendy Shay were caught in bed making love.

Just that, there wasn’t any proof of evidence to support these rumors.

However, an audio has finally leaked online which cements these tittle-tattles that Bullet and Wendy Shay was caught right in the act having carnal knowledge of themselves by Bullet’s girlfriend.

In the audio, one can hear Bullet’s girlfriend attacking Wendy Shay for sleeping with her man.

Wendy Shay explained that she was just sleeping and the girlfriend asked her if she now sleeps naked in men’s room.

Bullet could then be heard at the background telling his girlfriend to stop what she’s doing and that he doesn’t like that.

Bullet’s girlfriend then revealed that Bullet did same with Ebony Reigns and when she caught him, he apologized that it won’t happen again and now this.

The lady also said that she just decided to give Bullet a surprise visit and ended up seeing this.

Watch The Video Below:


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