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If you love music and have an undying passion for it, you probably know that careers in show business are mostly underrated. However, the stories of the richest musicians in Ghana are definitely going to make you pick up a musical instrument and hit the studios very soon. Read on to find out more about your favourite artists and find out who is the richest musician in Ghana right now!

Shatta Wale’s knack for cars seems insatiable. He keeps updating his car collection whenever he finds it opportune. Clearly, Wale can affording such expensive rides given the amount of money he charges per show plus the money from his international performances.

It is easy to take note of people who are living large. For some, the intrigue to know about such people is an obsession. Not those who were born in wealth and seem to sway by the tide but those specifically who have worked hard stride by stride to be who they are. Shatta Wale is one such people who are living and dining like a king in fact he self acclaimed himself to be the king of Dancehall music in Ghana. To say the least, the Kakai hit maker has become an envious banner in the music industry more so in terms of fan base and wealth accumulation. In a recent interview he revealed that he is the local champion, trivializing artiste who are performing on international platform and even stating they are earning as much. Shatta Wales only performs locally but for a single show he may take home over 150 million. He did not refuse the name local champion locally used to refer to him; as a matter of fact he expressed contentment. His high ranked artiste has something peculiar with his love and passion for super sleek cars. Read more:

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