Sarkodie Tells South African Rapper, AKA How To Live His Life

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Sarkodie has offered a valuable piece of advise to South African rapper, AKA and we know he would cherish it dearly.

It all began when the South African rapper, born Kiernan Jarryd took to his Twitter page to ask his 3.77 million followers to tell him what a celebrity should do to avoid being criticized on some of the things they do.

“I want to help, but every time I help I am attacked for doing it in public. When I am quiet I am attacked for not being active. So… can someone please clarify what the protocol is now for celebrities donating to help people who need it the most.”

Sarkodie, who also happens to be his follower, responded by telling him to do what will give him internal happiness and satisfaction and ignore his detractors.

Sarkodie wrote;

“Do what you feel brother, your reward ain’t suppose to come from no human being… it’s the satisfaction you feel within .. I know it’s hard but what’s real is you know the truth  Keep helping with or without the cam and make sure you doing it for you.”


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