Rescind Decision To Appeal High Court Ruling And Provide Counseling – NUGS

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The leadership of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), the mother association for all Ghanaian Students both home and and abroad stand in solidarity with Tyrone Iras Marghuy and Oheneba Nkrabea(the embattled Achimota school students) and has therefore called on the Board of Governors of the school to rescind its decision to appeal the high court ruling and rather provide counseling support for the affected students.


The Leadership of NUGS seized the opportunity to commend the parents of Tyrone and Oheneba for seeking redress through the law Court of Justice. It is the single most appropriate way to go. “We also commend the trial judge for expediting the process and ensuring judgment was rendered in time to ensure the pupils have enough time to join their colleagues. The Union and the entire Ghanaian Student populace is immensely grateful.” these were the words of the President.

In a press release our news team received, the union urged Achimota School and its Board of Governors to abide by the dictates of the ruling of the High Court. “A decision We agree with and strongly believe is in line with the letter and spirit of the 1992 constitution on matters of FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND THE MANIFESTATION OF SAME, and the RIGHT TO EDUCATION. The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) therefore frowns on the decision to appeal” the release stated.

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“We implore Achimota School to create a conducive environment for the students to learn and to catch up with their colleagues who have been studying for some time now. We appeal to the school to take steps to avail the students to a Counselor during their initial stay in school since the media hounding they have been exposed to by this impasse has a tendency to affect them psychologically”, the NUGS President, Boakye Yiadom said.

Achimota School has the right to Appeal but must be mindful of the psychological trauma they are causing the students, who, if the appeal continues will be living in anxiety of their fates by the end of the Appeals Courts Hearing. This is not right and should not continue.

At the end, NUGS promised to be monitoring the progress of the students and if any act of victimization is detected, the student union shall not relent to rise to the aid of them by any means possible.

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