Prince David Osei cries over CHALLENGES in Ghanaian Movie distribution

Prince David Osei cries over CHALLENGES in Ghanaian Movie distribution

Renowned Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei has complained bitterly about the hurdles movie producers in the encounter in the distribution of films, observing that it is a major cause movie production in the country has slowed down.

Movie production and its distribution undoubtedly have become a major problem facing most Ghanaian filmmakers.

Whiles most people have attributed the decline to the influx of foreign content on most local TVs especially telenovelas, others argue producing good content and reaching out to a consumer has become the challenge.

However, speaking on Sikka FM in an interview on “Flavor Zone” the station’s entertainment show, Prince David Osei revealed that distribution is the main problem the industry is facing currently.

On the show monitored by’s Syxtus Eshun, Prince explained, “Personally I have been active. I have shot lots of movies which are yet to come out very soon. And my colleagues are also shooting. The only problem we are having is the distribution”.

He continued “How to take the movie to the consumers has become the problem. This is because currently DVD’s don’t sell anymore. We are in the digital world so we need to sell it online or upload”. He told Tony Montana the host.

The actor cried that there are lots of movies producers have come out with but how to bring them to the consumers have become the issue.

Prince proposed movie premiering so that people will get the opportunity to watch new movies in order for producers to generate some income and continue churning out quality movies.

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