OA Africa outdoors Joselyn Dumas as ambassador

For the past 15 years OAfrica has supported children and young adults in Ghana: a co-creator with the Government of Ghana and UNICEF of the CARE REFORM INITIATIVE we have been tracing and reuniting children from orphanages by strengthening their extended families and giving the children scholarships.

At OAfrica we are committed to care reform and ensuring that children grow up in safe, permanent family settings with appropriate care and protection and with equal rights and opportunity.


“The leading cause of child abandonment is poverty. Poor families often feel that placing their children into an orphanage is the only way to ensure they receive proper education, food and other essentials. We don’t agree: we think orphanages are often very abusive and that the best place for a child is in the family in their community. “

“We hope that by highlighting our successes in the past 15 years and how we give our beneficiaries a great future and a great education, we can inspire you to support us.”

Our programs support children by building strong families to eliminate child abandonment and create safe, stable and loving families and communities. With the right kind of support, we know that families can stay together. OAfrica helps families of children at risk of abandonment and gives them secure futures within their communities.

Our mission is to empower children and young adults in need of care and protection because of institutionalisation, abandonment, neglect, disability or abuse to become productive members of the community.

We accomplish this by strengthening families and reintegrating separated children whose rights have been compromised due to poverty, violence, trafficking, disease and discrimination into safe, stable and loving households.

The mission of IBIS Styles Hotel is to create a meaningful experience for the community of travelers and new nomads all around the globe but transcends to supporting projects and programs of OAfrica to create a meaningful future for our beneficiaries.

Most importantly, we want to celebrate Christmas with the children Oafrica supports in community based foster care. We trust you carry on our message to the general public to support a worthy course.

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