No one can stop me from campaigning for NDC – Tracey Boakye

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Despite a statement made by the Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho, that the party would no longer use celebrities in their campaign for election 2020, Tracey Boakye has said nothing will stop her from campaigning for the umbrella party.

The actress and movie producer who recently disclosed that she wants to be buried in a coffin engraved with the NDC colours has told Showbiz that she will never stop supporting the party.

“Nothing will make me denounce my support for the NDC, I will still support them in all they do during next year’s election and no one can stop that.” she said

Tracey added With or without money, nothing can stop me from supporting that party. But who even said I was given money in 2016? I was not given anything, I follow this party because I know the good intentions they have for Ghanaians,”

The CEO of Sharp Delivery Services was seen on almost all the campaign platforms of the NDC during the 2016 elections, trying to win the heart of Ghanaians to vote for her beloved party.

Rumours have it that she embarked on the campaign and still supports the party because she’s being sponsored by a prominent NDC member.

Breaking her silence on this issues, Tracey said “Who said that, it is not true, I wouldn’t want to disclose who he is but he is not a big NDC man,”.

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