Nayas fights Pamela Odame in public over boyfriend snatching

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Ernest Opoku’s ex-lover, Nayas 1 and big breasted slay queen, Pamela Odame have been caught fighting over a man in a video sighted by on the Instagram page of @tmglive.

In the video, Nayas 1 is seen holding Pamela Odame’s front attire with her breasts finding a possible way to escape from her dress.

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One guy was also seen trying to separate the two furious women and if you critically examine the video, it’s obvious that Nayas is the one fighting Pamela for snatching her man if it’s not a scene in a yet-to-be premiered movie.

Since these so-called celebrities are capable of doing anything just to be in the news, we’ll follow and find out what caused the fight.

Watch the video of their fight below.

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