Nana Agradaa arrested over money doubling contents, her 2 TV stations shut down

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State security has clamped down on 2 of Nana Agradaa’s TV stations ,namely Thunder TV and Ice 1 TV. These are the first to be shut down on the list of targeted channels that show unsafe content.

Nana Agradaa, the owner of the stations, has been arrested.

Shortly after the death of a 10-year-old boy in cold blood by two teenagers at Ofaakor in Accra, state security has decided to take action in order to prevent a recurrence.

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A police investigation into the two teenagers revealed that they were inspired to do so after seeing it on television. This police revelation sparked widespread public outrage, with calls for the appropriate authorities to crack down on these stations, which openly promote spiritualism, money doubling, and money rituals.

In view of this, state security has clamped down on two TV stations; Thunder TV and Ice 1 TV, which belongs to spiritualist Patricia Asiedu, popularly known as Nana Agradaa.

Nana Agradaa is a self-proclaimed Accra-based fetish priestess who has been a source of information on numerous fraudulent spiritual activities.

The team apprehended the offenders, including the owner Nana Agradaa, and seized two (2) pieces of equipment used in illegal transmission from both locations. According to, Nana Agradaa has since admitted to the illegality and is currently in custody awaiting further investigation.

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The two media outlets are the first of many targeted raids carried out by the state today. According to a report filed by the Ghana report, Nana Agradaa has duped many people by promising to double their money for them through her ‘Sika Gari’ ritual concept.

Nana Agradaa’s Thunder TV had its authorization revoked.

According to the report, the National Communications Authority (NCA) revoked Nana Agradaa’s Thunder TV license on March 24, 2020. Ice 1 TV, on the other hand, allegedly continued to operate despite receiving a written directive on June 17, 2020, to cease operations after their authorization expired on February 26, 2020.

Nana Agradaa was said to have some law enforcement agencies, such as the police, on her payroll, which explains her continued impunity on open advertorials in money-doubling rituals.

In other news, the Ofaakor District Court has denied bail to the two accused teenagers accused of killing the 10-year-old boy in Ofaakor, Kasoa.

The Magistrate, Samuel Adjei said the court does not have the powers to grant bail at this stage of the case unless the High Court takes such a decision. The counsel for the accused persons, Lawyer Samuel Atuah, said since the law states in Article 19 (2) that an accused person is innocent until proven guilty, the court should consider that and grant his clients bail.

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