Michy Indirectly Warns Shatta Wale’s ‘New’ Girlfriend

Michy Indirectly Warns Shatta Wale’s ‘New’ Girlfriend

Few hours ago, we reported that Shatta Wale had showered lots of praises on his new girlfriend which automatically sent signals out there that she’s the exact opposite of who he wanted Michy to be.

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Well, it looks like Michy has seen that post and has sent a word of cation to the new lady Shatta Wale has started parading online.

We could recall when Shatta Wale said all the sweet things about Michy on social media and interviews but after their split, he called her an unserious woman who didn’t want to be the corporate woman he had always wanted her to be.

Michy in a latest Instagram post said all men have similar traits of sweet talking women so is her son Majesty.

The last part of her caption was a warning that women should be cautious of sweet talkers with frog stories. This comes as a follow up to Shatta praising his new girlfriend so we imagined that she(Michy) was probably trying to tell the new lady that she should be wise.

Check out a screenshot of her post below and tell us what you think:

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