Medikal to open a new restaurant for Fella Makafui

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The most talked about celebrity lovebirds ‘Medikal Romeo and Fella Makafui Juliet’ is still spending a huge sum of money together in order to build a future together.

Medikal who recently bought an Audi A8 and a VW posh for Fella and even promised her a second-hand private jet is about doing another great favor for her.

From reports and proves we have gathered, the AMG Music signee is about to add a new restaurant to the millions of investments he is doing for Makafui.

Medikal buys Fella Makafui a brand new Range Rover Sports car

In a recent post by actress Fella Makafui, she asked her fans to anticipate something big and she went on to say the one with the right guess would win a 1000gh.

Medikal quickly commented on the post saying it’s a restaurant and that Fella owes her the 1000ghc as promised.

Makafui who felt it was too early to drop the bombshell quickly called her future husband and pleaded with him to delete his comments.

Our fingers weren’t fast enough to capture his comment but we will surely bring to you the latest updates when they finally set it rolling.

Medikal to open a new restaurant for Fella Makafui


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