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Kuami Eugene causes ‘confusion’ with his ‘faded’ black shirt at Ebony’s memorial

Kuami Eugene may be a good songwriter and a musician but he’s a ‘dummy’ when it comes to fashion and has been tagged as one of the worst dressed celebrities of our time. His dressing is appalling and people have always questioned who styles him.

He’s now no longer an up and coming artiste and so it’s normal for people to always talk about his dressing as it’s part of Showbiz and forms a part of his brand. We don’t know if he’s not heard people criticising his sense of fashion, or he’s just broke to be able to afford good clothing.

Kuami Eugene was recently criticised for ”stealing” his current hit song “Confusion” and now he’s on the critics’ board for wearing a faded black shirt to Ebony’s One-week observation which happened yesterday, Feb 18.

It’s hard to tell the actual color of his top and one can’t confidently say it’s black. It’s almost as if the shirt is struggling to fit into any of the colors we were taught at school.

We expect the color to be black but it’s simply not black and it’s obvious that, it’s an old shirt that has outlived its strength but our ‘Rock Star’ wouldn’t let it rest.

Trust Social media to pull out the flaws and as seen in the photo below, Kuami Eugene wore a faded black shirt. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if he was a nobody but now that he has some hit songs on the streets, people expect him to dress better.

Maybe it’s about time Lynx Entertainment, the record label he’s signed under pays critical attention to his dressing.

They should probably get him a stylist or let Kidi coach him on that level.

See some of the reactions from Social media below:

“Buh Kuami Eugene, why na you dey sing Epixode’s “We change color, we change color, Avataaaar–Kojo Frimpong”

” Guys relax give Kuami Eugene, I sure say na as he dey search the shirt wear, he had his shades on, so he nor see say ebi the parazonic shirt he chose, e come reach there wey he see say yawa gb333. Moral of the lesson, avoid shades”—-David Lamptey




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