I’m not suing Pataapa but the ‘One Corner’ song – Prophet Kumchacha

I’m not suing Pataapa but the ‘One Corner’ song – Prophet Kumchacha

The Founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei, popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has enumerated that his attempt to go to court is to put an injunction on the One Corner song but it has nothing do with the musician involved ‘Pataapa’.

He made this assertion to Dr. Who one of Ghana’s finest Entertainment show host on Hot fm’s Hot and Classic Showbiz Review. “I don’t even know Pataapa and I don’t know whether he is fair or dark in complexion; it is the song One Corner that I want to pray to the court to put am injunction of the song”. He stated

Rev. Nicholas continued to elaborate that previously there were songs from Amakye Dede, Nana Ampadu among others which serves as tools for advising the youth, but in recent times song fuming in the industry are nothing to write home about. He quoted Ecclesiastes Chapter Seven verse 5 which states “It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools”.

He said One Corner is part of the foolish songs because it does not provide any kind of advise to the youth. He continue to assert that he is from today going to advocate for any song that will not advise the youth. The reason I talk against One Corner song is the way people dance foolishly to the song and how it is negatively affecting the children.

When asked when he will be heading to court? The Prophet explained that he will be filling by the week and hoping the judges will help him. He also expressed his disappointment in some Soldiers and Police men who were dancing to the song One Corner.

Speaking about a new naked gospel video trending on social media; he stated that every Gospel musician who exposes her ties or any sensitive part of her body is a demon or witch. He continued that those people are not winning souls for God but for devil.

Answering a question on his assertion that every old man who dye his hair Will route in hell; in recent times old men and women do not respect themselves and as a result of that stoop too low to young boys and girls just to have their way with them sexually. Every old woman or man who does that will also go to hell that is why I made that revelation. He elaborated.

Recently, Prophet Kumchacha made it known to Ghanaians and lover of showbiz that the Agona Swedru based musician Pataapa’s song ‘One Corner’ will face a judge. His reason for making this assertion was that the song is leading a lot of Ghanaian youth to involving in a crazy dance which is affecting the Youth in Ghana negatively.


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