I used to laugh at ‘Koko King’ – Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas has revealed that she used to mock the decision of Albert Osei, owner of Koko King Food Company, to move from the UK to sell porridge on the streets of Accra.

According to her, it sounded funny to her from the beginning but now it makes sense to her. As such, she is proud of him because the business has grown big and is also creating job opportunities for other Ghanaians.

Joselyn, who made the revelation while speaking at the outdooring of ex-President J. A. Kufuor as the patron of Ghana Job Bank Initiative last week, encouraged Ghanaian youth to emulate Albert Osei’s effort and create opportunities for themselves where there is none.

“If we can’t find opportunities, we can create one ourselves. I remember when Koko King came to town and he was frustrated, he couldn’t find a job. He has just left UK and I met him personally and when he said the Koko King business I was one of the people who were laughing at him because how can a grown man like him sell ‘koko’ (porridge)? And I remember he was changing vendors every now and then, and he will bring it to me to taste it. I thought it was so funny but look at him now. So we can start small and finish big and create opportunities for others,” she said.

“Right now, he has created jobs for other people through Koko King,” Joselyn added.

Koko King is currently a very popular and big local food brand with global food safety and quality standards providing innovative local food solutions to local and international markets.

It started operations in 2008 with a driver and a cook. Its total sales each morning was 20 meals, which was sold from a booth of a taxi at an office in Ridge. It now has over 100 locations within Accra, Tema and Kasoa with a large work force. Koko King revolutionised the traditional ‘koko’ breakfast for many of Accra’s professionals.

Albert had earlier said he was “abused” several times for venturing into ‘koko’ business after his masters degree in the UK.

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