I see myself as a superstar and a good role model – Yaa Jackson

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Young female actress cum musician, Maame Yaa Jackson has placed a value on herself-tagging herself as a superstar and a positive role model to the Ghanaian youth.

According to the burgeoning young musician, many people always frame her as a bad influence on the youth in the country but that isn’t the case actually.

Speaking in an interview on Ghpage’s Fame Show with @f_Christiee, Yaa Jackson admitted being a superstar when asked by the host if she sees herself as such.

She added that it isn’t right for people to always tarnish her little earned image claiming she’s a bad influence on the youth in the society.

The young actress explained that before the introduction of a person called Yaa Jackson in the showbiz scene, the youth were already in their bad shape.

Claiming to be a superstar, Yaa Jackson entreats all parents to heap a piece of strong advice on their wards and ceasefire on an innocent girl like her because she’s never going to be intimidated by their attacks.

The ‘Tear Rubber” hitmaker emphatically stated that she as a budding celebrity has no intention of misleading and bad-shaping the young generation so parents should rather advise their wards.

Watch the video below…


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