I nearly had plastic surgery done on my body – Joselyn Dumas

I nearly had plastic surgery done on my body – Joselyn Dumas

Beautiful and curvy Ghanaian actress Joselyn Dumas has revealed that contrary to some public speculations, she has never done any cosmetic surgery on any portion of her body.

According to the star of Sparrow Productions’ ‘Potato Potahto’, she is simply naturally endowed with abundant gifts from her maker.

It is an open secret that Joselyn has one of the most prominent ‘behinds’ in Ghanaian showbiz, a fact which has led to constant speculation over whether the ‘assets’ really belong to her or she has undergone some work to get it to that size.

In a wide ranging conversation on her reality talk show, ‘Keeping it Real’, Joselyn Dumas and two guests discussed current beauty trends among women and even some men who are also jumping on the train.

With the convo dwelling on surgery to change body parts, Dumas was drilled by make-up artist Sarah Don Arthur on whether she has had any work done on her rear end, whether in the form of surgery or injections or even simply using butt enhancement creams.

Dumas responded that she has done anything to enhance her hips and butt and that she’s simply naturally endowed.

“I haven’t done anything [to my butt], I’m naturally endowed.” the actress said.

“Like people have naturally thick lips, some people [like myself] have small waists and big hips.”

Asked if she has ever utilized waist trainers for her small waist, she again replied in the negative and said that’s simply a product of hard training.

“I work hard, I go to the gym. I’ve had people asking me on Instagram if I wanted to promote their waist trainers, I said no because I don’t want to deceive the public into thinking that’s what I did to have a tiny waist.”

Despite denying having ever had any sort of cosmetic uplift, the actress did concede that she once nearly went in for face filling injections to do away with pronounced laugh lines on her face, but ultimately decided against it.

Dumas’ revelations were made during the latest episode of ‘Keeping it Real’, which airs on GhOne Tv every Saturday at 8:30pm.

The show is produced by Sparrow Productions and Virgo Sun Productions, which is owned and operated by Dumas herself.

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