House of the Dragon Episode 3

House of the Dragon Episode 3 release date
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House of the Dragon Episode 3 release date

The Iron Throne was referred to as “the most perilous seat in the realm” by Viserys in the “House of the Dragon” series premiere.

Even after you leave the throne itself for a weekend in the country, you are still the subject of unending cries and complaints, rebukes, and unwanted advice, making it seem like the most tedious seat in the realm.

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Viserys spent the majority of this week under constant attack from Rhaenyra’s venomous resentment, his courtiers’ clumsy attempts at manipulation, and his own self-doubt. He was pursued and caught like a sacrificial stag.

And that was before the king’s senior advisor—now his father-in-law—tried to arrange a match between his daughter, a teenager, and his son, a toddler. (Sea Snake: We ought to arrange a marriage with a 12-year-old. Hold my wine, Otto.)

It’s enough to make you want to pout and sip alcohol the entire while your child’s birthday celebration is going on. This is what Viserys did for a good portion of the episode this week as he struggled with his decisions and obligations, eventually just pouring his own wine.

Return to Westeros in ‘House of the Dragon’

The show’s latest time warp took us several years past last week’s bombshell marriage announcement. Little Aegon, the boy Viserys always wanted, named for the Targaryen who initially conquered Westeros, is turning two and Alicent is pregnant again.

Rhaenyra is declining to play happy-family with her father and young stepmother.Out in the Stepstones, the clash the Sea Snake was so hyped for last week is going the way of most foreign misadventures. (Conquests are always easier to propose than pull off, a fact generally ignored by every hawkish leader who decides to blunder off into one.)

How Daemon and the Velaryons are losing to an army with such lousy archers is anyone’s guess.But the bulk of the action unfolded around the hunting party to fete Aegon and his father.

Viserys continues to fade physically; he can’t even get on and off his horse without a step stool, or kill a stag on the first try. The wine didn’t help — “the gods have punished me for my indulgences,” he told Alicent later, kingspeak for “I’m so hung over even my wig is throbbing.”

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