Freda Rhymz replies Sista Afia’s threat and calls her an “OLD WOMAN”

Freda Baffour Awuah who is regognized in showbiz as Freda Rhymz has replied Sista Afia’s threat to her and also called her an OLD WOMAN.

Recently Sister Afia saw Freda Ryhmz’s tweet of mockery which was aimed at her on twitter and replied with a threat to beat Freda Rhymz when they meet one on one.

Freda Rhymz too upon seeing this threat replied Sista Afia with a tweet as quoted .“Oh please , you can’t do shit #abrewa”From Freda Rhymz’s tweet its obvious that she isn’t scared of Sista Afia or her threats and is willing to face her at any time. Freda also went ahead to call her an old woman ,which insinuates that Sista Afia is a weakling and hence, can’t match up to her strength.

Is Sista Afia going to get furious when She sees Freda rhymz’s reply to her? ,is Sista Afia going to react or just ignore?

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