Freda Rhymz is afraid of me so she wants to affiliate with Eno Barony: *Ohemaa Dadao*

Rap queen OHEMAA DADAO has exposed Freda Rhymz and dropped a secret chat they had .

Freda Rhymz was interviewed by UTV and during the interview , Freda Rhymz stated clearly thats its only Eno Barony and herself that she knows of. Bulldog then went a bit specific and asked her about Ohemaa dadao , Freda Rhymz was like she doesn’t know Ohemaa Dadao anywhere and that she has not heard of her before.

Ohemaa Dadao upon realizing what Freda Rhymz had said got furious and then exposed Freda Rhymz with a chat they had .Ohemaa stated clearly that Freda Rhymz is a liar because in her Dms ,Freda Rhymz says she loves her raps and she is learning from her, then boom all of a sudden Freda Rhymz comes on air and says she doesnt know her any where.

Ohemaa later said that Freda Rhymz is affiliating herself with Eno Barony because she knows that she is no match for her and Sister Afia ©2020

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