OMG!! Find out the target of Eno Barony’s “FORCE THEM TO PLAY NONSENSE” that is yet to be released featuring Sister Derby & strongman

Female sensational musician and also the rap goddess Eno barony is yet drop another hot one,featuring sister derby and strongman titled “force them to play nonsense”

It is very obvious that the yet to drop banger is a counter to medikal’s new release dubbed “Nonsense”.

This yet to be released song is indeed going to be a boost to the uprising beef between Eno barony and Medikal.Anyway the rap goddess choses to involve two other parties in which one of them is Medikal’s Ex ,and the other being his previously hosted lyrical rival.

Is the rap goddess really going to admit that this tune is aimed at medikal?
What is going to be medikal’s reaction if he is to realize this lyrical missile fired at him?

Well we will update our readers on what ever trend that pops up next ©2020

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