Fella Makafui reopens wine shop (Video)

Actress Fella Makafui has reopened her wine shop.

Fella Makafui’s closed down her wine shop in June after she complained about the rent she had to pay for her shop.

However, there were reports that the shop was closed down by her angry boyfriend who felt cheated in the relationship and decided to close down the shop he opened for her.

But after several weeks, the shop is reopened at a new location.

Announcing the relocation, she said in a post on Instagram that “Hooray!! We are eager to announce with much humility that today [ Monday ] 3rd September, 2018 our new location for FELLA WINE & LIQUOR has been opened. A big thanks to all our lovely customers for their patience!! Come look at our new Fella Wine & Liquor heaven at the ARS Round About Just Directly Adjacent the Frimps Fuel Station.God bless you all !!”.

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