Efia Odo’s new boyfriend is a ‘sakawa’ boy with a baby mama – Social media user

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Efia Odo has shared photos and videos of herself with her newly found boyfriend . She said the boyfriend, allegedly called Revlon, has given her the assurance of his heart.

A social media user has exposed Revlon, revealing that he is ‘sakawa’ and a womanizer SHOWBIZ.com.gh has been following with keen interest the sudden love brewing in the pot of controversial media personality, Efia Odo.

Efia first shared a photo of herself and the boyfriend on Instagram, revealing that he had given her the assurance of his heart.

Being so much in love with this new boyfriend, Efia Odo again shared a video of herself with Revlon, doing so many things that a husband and wife would do.


It seems Ghanaians are also tracking this new development, and some of them have information about Efia Odo’s new boyfriend.

In a social media post sighted by SHOWBIZ.com.gh, Efia Odo’s boyfriend has been exposed of being a ‘sakawa’ boy, and also with a baby mama.

According to the post, Revlon is into internet fraud, what is commonly known as ‘sakawa’, adding that he ran to the United Kingdom when things became hard for him in Ghana, but has now returned.

In a long post, the social media user revealed that Revlon is in the habit of sleeping with women and running away afterwards, indicating that he is a womanizer.


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