Bullet rejects comparisons of Wendy Shay and Ebony

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The former rapper turned manager is refusing to compare his new artiste to his more famous one who passed away.

Bullet has called for the public and media to show respect to the name of Ebony Former half of music duo ‘Ruff n Smooth’ Bullet has rejected claims that he compared new artiste to late star Ebony Reigns.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the musician turned artiste manager denounced rumors that he said were pushed by bloggers.

Bullet, whose real name is Ricky Nana Agyeman, noted that late dancehall artiste Ebony was a legend.

He then expressed that to compare an up and coming artiste to her would not seem smart on anyone’s part.

Incidentally, Bullet was the manager of Ebony and he is working in the same capacity for Wendy Shay.

He has settled into the managerial aspect of music after the break up of his own music duo and has since been successful.

Bullet wrote on Facebook:

“My dear bloggers’ thanks so much for pushing all ruff town records artist I appreciate it so much and may God bless you all. yes, Wendy shay’s new song uber driver is breaking records but I didn’t say it anywhere that she is breaking records ebony couldn’t break.ebony is a legend and will forever be a legend.ebony is the reason why am here today so pls let’s put some respect on the Queen’s name!”

Bullet’s Rufftown Records is pushing new artiste Wendy Shay, seemingly, to fill the void created by Ebony’s death.

Recently, Bullet sang Shay’s praise by talking up some records she had supposedly broken.

Wendy Shay herself has been viewed as Ebony’s replacement by music lovers. This is not only because they shared the same manager.

Social media users have noticed a pattern of Shay playing on her sexuality for media coverage just as Ebony used to do.

Shay has a new single out. It is titled ‘Uber Driver.’


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