Actress Nana Frema charges on the celebrities and people who have been to Dr. Obengfo to do surgeries to speak out so he can be free

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Actress and musician Nana Frema Koranteng are asking fellow women especially the celebrities who have had successful surgeries at Obengfo Hospital to speak out.

According to her, Dr. Dominic Obeng Andoh has changed the lives of many lives at his Advanced Body Sculpt Centre.

She stated that people do die at hospitals and so may the soul of Stacy rest in peace. But “her death is something that must be looked into.”She added

In an interview with JoyNews’ MzGee, she continued that she underwent surgery and nothing happened to her. Moreover, she met countless people who came there to do similar surgeries.

She made an appeal to all ladies who have had successful surgeries with Dr. Obeng Ando to rally behind him.


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“Let’s come together to share our stories to support Dr. Obeng Andoh because he’s really helped us. He has changed a lot of lives”.

“You will not believe the number of people who have been to the Advance Body Sculpt Centre that Dr. Obengfo actually worked on, you will be amazed. Our celebrities, pastors’ wives, politicians, wives of big men, it is just mind-blowing but I don’t know why this has happened and everybody has left the doctor to be on his own,” Frema lamented.

Watch the interview below;

Frema’s cry follows after Dr. Dominic Obeng- Andoh, the ‘sham’ body sculpture expert in Ghana popularly known as Obengfo got remanded for murdering the Deputy Chief Executive Officer for National Entrepreneurship Innovation Programme (NEIP).

The Doctor is reported to have done surgeries on a lot of female celebrities who want to enhance the body part they desire.

For the likes of Moesha among several others, it came out they went there to get those enhancements. And for Moesha, her photos during the surgery were even published.

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