‪I never jubilated about Strongman’s exit from SarkCess Music – Teephlow

‪I never jubilated about Strongman’s exit from SarkCess Music – Teephlow

Teephlow has revealed in an interview that he never jubilated about Strongman’s exit from SarkCess Music.

Rapper Kwaku Vincent popularly known as Strongman had the Ghanaian populace talking when his contract with SarkCess Music ended abruptly.

In a letter dated 14 April 2019, SarkCess music announced it has part ways with Kumasi-based rapper Strongman and labelled their experience as a priceless one. They expressed their appreciation to everyone who supported Strongman in various ways.

There were a lot of reactions and tweet on social media but what got music lovers talking was when Fante rapper, Teephlow reacted and made his intentions known after SarkCess Music ended their contract with the Kumasi-based rapper.

Over the years, Strongman and TeePhlow have been throwing shades at each other as each desire to be known as the best among the two but according to Teephlow, Strongman’s exit from SarkCess Music sent a shock down his spine.

According to him, prior to Strongman signing unto SarkCess Music, they had a lot of discussion concerning managerial issues in the industry and that his tweet which was aimed at Strongman and Sarkodie had a foundation which many had forgotten.

In his assertion, it was due to what happened some time ago when Strongman released ‘Charcoal’; a diss song directed at him. To his surprise, Sarkodie endorsed it but he was not hurt that much because they were on the same label.

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